Rosa run 2019

The first and only 4-day running festival in Russia!

Run on the territory of a beautiful all-year-round mountain resort with a stunning scenery.

Vertical kilometer, a team quest, a DISCO style costume run and a picturesque trail – all packed in 4 days of running obsession!

Registration includes

a T-shirt
a medal


Every stage is awarded with an unique medal
Day 1 02.05.2019

Rosa peak

A vertical running distance of one kilometer will take you from spring to winter. Everyone can conquer the peak using the cableway and will you be able to do that relying only on your legs?
Day 2 03.05.2019

Rosa Quest

A teambuilding running event designed to test your speed, our quest will help you find your dream team and make new friends.
Day 3 04.05.2019

Rosa Carnival

A fancy-dress ball DISCO style is coming! You are welcome to choose your outfit that you will wear during the run. We look forward to your surprising creations at the merriest running competition!
Day 4 05.05.2019

Rosa Trail/Sky

Mountains are calling! Choose the distance and run through the most picturesque trail in Russia!


ROSA RUN running festival in May is what gathers thousands of athletes and their supporters from Different running clubs to the Rosa Khutor mountain resort. The program contains running and other various activities, including a "vertical kilometer", a team quest, a fancy-dress run, a mountain trail, contests for supporters, lectures, battles, master-classes, sports goods fair and theme parties each day. You won't have time here for being bored and sleeping after lunch as you cannot miss picturesque views and fabulous sunsets, here you immerse into real emotions and a large running party!

Day 1 02.05.2019
Distance — 6,5 км
1250 participants
Elevation gain — 1150 м
Run to the Rosa Mountain Peak along the extreme course containing soil, stones and snow, the maximum height gained being over 1150 meters. It takes guts to conquer the peak!
1 900 ₽
Day 2 03.05.2019
Distance 10 км
Show your speed and your intelligence! Go through all the tasks along the course with your team and get to the finishing line!
1 900 ₽
Day 3 04.05.2019
Distance 3,5 км
You are invited to use your creativity to make the most original outfit! Bring your family and have fun at the fancy-dress run DISCO style.
1 900 ₽
Day 4 05.05.2019
Distance — 7 км
800 participants
Elevation gain 400 м
A mountain trail along a picturesque route. Course details are coming soon.
1 900 ₽
Day 4 05.05.2019
Distance ≈ 24 км
1200 participants
Elevation gain 1700 м
A mountain trail for those who like steep rises and high-speed slopes. There are boulders, spring flowers and snow areas waiting for you along the course. Course details are coming soon.
3 100 ₽


Rosa Khutor is an all-year-round mountain resort located within 60 minutes' drive from the Sochi Airport. It is a unique location for active summer leisure. Take a photo with the mountain views at the Rosa Peak view point at the height of 2320 meters above the sea level, visit the Mendelikha Waterfall Natural Park, follow several routes along the cableway course that is the highest one in the world, try riding a mountain bike! Or you can enjoy free outdoor fitness sessions and many other activities. There is no time for feeling bored here!
restaurants, bars and cafes
hotels of different levels
aerial railways operating in summer
meters above the sea level, the highest viewpoint in Sochi
Driving time: 40 minutes

40 km from Adler following the New Krasnopolyanskoye highway (A-148 highway) to the Rosa Khutor Mountain Resort. The highway starts at the center of the Adler District in Sochi at the roundabout with the M-27 federal highway.

Rosa Valley, the lowest part of the resort, has 5 covered parking areas with the total capacity of over 10 000 parking spaces.


Children’s Club

Rosa Khutor Children’s Club is open for its little guests every day from 9 am to 11 pm.

Husky Center

Both adult and little representatives of northern sledge dogs are looking forward to your visits every day. Husky is a unique breed characterized by its kindness and intelligence. Come to visit the Husky Center located at My Russia Ethnic Park.

Rosa Beach Recreation Area

This is a true beach oasis between mountain peaks featuring a lake with purest water, chaise-longs, sunshades, children’s pool, and convenient entrance to the water. The Rosa Beach recreation area is open daily, May – September, from 10:00 to 17:00.


If speed is your vocation, the covered go-cart track is the best option for you!

ALGIZ Creativity Area

Pottery, clay modeling, stained-glass window painting and many other amusements are available for the guests at the mountain-top creative shop.

"Colorful Mountains" Art Studio

Painting in water-colors, acryl, crayon, oil; sketching, calligraphy, badges and clothing painting, micro-art – choose something you like and create something beautiful.

Cross-bow and archery center

This is a family educational center comprising the most advanced amusements from around the world.

Upside-Down House

There is a bed on the ceiling and there is a chandelier on the floor! The table is ‘stuck in the air’. The Upside-Down house is a unique place where everything is literally turned on its head.

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

It is an adventure park located in the Adler District. Skypark’s main attraction is Skybridge with a bungee-jumping.


During the festival the participants and their supporters will receive free ski-passes to the Mountain Olympic Village and will enjoy special rates at the restaurants, excursions and activities available at the resort.
Hotels at Rosa Khutor will also offer discounts during the festival – make sure you use them while booking!
The full list of partners will be announced in early 2019.

Discount 15%
Гастро-бар СТАНЦИЯ
Роза Долина, набережная Полянка, 3
с 12:00 до 5:00


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